When we set out to make great games with massive online communities, we knew that we first had to create the ideal environment for building ambitious things. A place where brilliant and inspiring people could come together and build games that make millions of players happy. We realized that we needed to find incredibly talented people and get out of their way. Since then we've paid careful attention to how we like to work together. This is a brief summary of our guiding principles.


We take complete ownership of our work and act in the best interests of the company. We’re the type of people who care - a lot. It’s never “not my job.”


We’re comfortable thinking deeply about important issues and care enough to respectfully challenge decisions when we disagree. Mutual respect and checked egos allow for productive debate and better outcomes than any we would have achieved individually.


We want everyone involved in problem-solving, regardless of their position. We frequently seek feedback from each other and our players in order to challenge our assumptions and make data-driven decisions when possible.


We’re always building and improving our skills and processes. We understand that when we learn, we see exponential improvement in ourselves, our products and our company. We’re never finished learning.


We invite you to learn more about our culture by reading our Owner’s Manual; our guide on “how to ATA”. All the things that are most important to us are in this book: our commitments, how we make decisions, how we communicate, and what makes us unique. Take a look, and let us know what you think!

What We Offer


Our competitive salary and benefits packages make sure our team are compensated well and rewarded for their performance. We also take care of health and dental.


In addition to vacation days, we offer unlimited sick days, flexible scheduling and work from home options.


We've got it covered! Our kitchen is always stocked with a wide variety of snacks and every Wednesday we provide catered lunch.


We support the growth of our team with professional development funding, regular lunch and learns, annual game jams and bi-weekly 1:1s with team leads.


We celebrate monthly “Birthiversaries”, organize ad-hoc game tournaments and have random, pop-up team events. Oh, and our summer and holiday parties? They’re epic!


On top of our annual fitness reimbursement, we have on-site yoga sessions, a monthly massage clinic and our company-sponsored hockey and dodgeball teams. (Go Rampage!)


We’re proudly recognized by the following organizations:

Canada's Top Small & Medium Employers Certification Great Place To Work.  Certified APR 2021- MAR 2022 Canada. Canada's Most Admired Corporate Cultures Best Workplaces in BC 2021

Hiring Process

We aim to hire people who share our values, believe in building communities and can add to our culture. We understand that there's no such thing as a perfect interview process; however, the team's decision to hire must be unanimous. The strongest teams are formed when people get to choose who they work with.

What to expect when you apply

Listen to what our software development engineers have to say about the interesting problems they solve while building communities along the way!

Check out these videos to learn more about what it’s like to work at ATA!

  • Hear from our CEO, Kenshi.
  • Culture @ ATA
  • ATA Swag
  • Innovator Spotlight
  • Game Jam
  • Game development in Vancouver


ATA builds communities. To do this to the best of our abilities, we need a workforce that reflects the diverse player communities we serve. We believe a variety of perspectives and experiences allows us to make better decisions and understand the needs of our players. We work hard to create an environment where everyone, from any background, can do their best work and feel like they belong at ATA.

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What Our People Say

no-avatar Rob Community Manager Lead

“ATA is everything I dreamed of when looking for a company to grow with. Personal growth is prioritized and I am allowed the freedom and flexibility to do my work in the way that is best for me. Our leadership really cares about people and makes me feel recognized for my efforts and achievements. I feel heard and my opinions valued by my managers and coworkers, even when we don't agree.”

no-avatar Rachel Software Development Engineer

“ATA has provided me with valuable growth and learning opportunities. From bookclubs to exciting new projects, there are always ways to learn and discover different things. I also really enjoy the people I work with. They’re open to new ideas and feedback and it’s not an uphill battle to get my opinions heard and respected.”

no-avatar Meghan Game Designer

“My team at ATA has been imperative to both my professional and personal growth over the last few years. There's trust and respect in the work culture and it empowers us to lift each other up and challenge each other to grow and learn. Our internal community at ATA is treated as importantly as the communities we foster in our games.”

no-avatar Paul Game Artist

“ATA is the first company I’ve worked where I’ve felt such a connection to my team. The culture here has allowed our staff to become a wonderfully talented group of people that I feel lucky to work with. I am able to work the way I want to work and apply my creativity to my ideas and tasks. This is the longest I’ve worked at one studio, and I hope to keep that going for years to come.”

no-avatar Lisa People Experience Specialist

“I've never worked at a company that cares for its people like ATA. We have a truly empathetic culture that allows people to be exactly who they want to be. The culture fosters growth and support and we have a lot of fun. I finally get to live my dream of having a sloth through my avatar!”

no-avatar Shaheed Engineering Lead

“As a meritocracy, the impact you can have at ATA is based on your ability to add value rather than your tenure at the company. This means regardless of your level you can voice your opinion on the work ATA does and be taken seriously. There are also constantly new avenues available to progress in your career including clearly laid out career paths and engineering workshops.”

no-avatar Chloe Art Lead

“The thing I love about ATA is really that we’re all a team here. We all help each other when we need it, we share our knowledge, and we even do short exchanges on different teams. We like to cater to everyone’s strengths, and allow everyone to grow and learn together.”

no-avatar Josh Design Director

“My experience feels valued. ATA is always eager to learn about design and development patterns that worked in my past and to have me drive the charge to adopt them. This also means I get exposed to the best practices that others have brought with them (I'm talking gritty, secret, arcane knowledge - the kind you don't get at a GDC talk). Through this exposure, I am constantly becoming a better designer and manager!”